Why are WE different? Simple...we have Gun Shows in the secondary markets that are NOT beat to death like ALL your primary markets...and we advertise the helk out of them and bring gun buyers in by the droves.   We go back to the KISS method of advertising.  Flyers, postcards and in store posters, billboards, newspaper, radio, road signs and some markets TV.  We ALSO do DAY OF SHOW Street banners and directional signs.  We leave no stone unturned!  Once you are a N. GA Gun Show vendor...you will see we do things different! Please call for MORE info...I am interested in what you sell...I also do not duplicate "specialty vendors."   This gives you less competition...and MORE $$$....simple!

Table Prices are $50 if PAID in advance... $50 Week of Show and DOS for each 8' Table...Bad check writers will NOT due any future NGA Gun Shows...

Vendor is NOT Confirmed Until Paid in Full  Vendors Expected to Pay in Full for Tables PRIOR to Show

No Refunds 4 Weeks PRIOR to Show - No Exceptions

PLEASE email me for Vendor Forms, Please Specify Show(s) You Want to Attend

Tables are 8' Unless Otherwise Specified

ALL Guns Banded PRIOR to Entering Venue, NO LOADED WEAPONS Incl. CWP.

Ammo Must Be in Boxes - No Loose Ammo

We Have Stay Over Night Armed Security

ALL Local, State & Federal Laws Must be Observed

Friday Vendor Setup, but Usually 12P - 9P  Sat. 6A - 8A
Saturday Showtime: 9A - 5P  // Sunday Showtimes: 10A - 4P

There is a Mandatory Vendor Meeting PRIOR to Opening Each Day...8:30A Sat. & 9:30A Sun.

Vendors Fighting w/ Other Vendors or Patrons Will be Dismissed Immediately.

We Advertise With Billboards, Cable TV, News Paper Ads, Internet,  Radio, Yard Signs, Flyers, Posters, Day of Show Directional Signs and Word of Mouth...

Vendor Must Stay for Entire Public Show Times

No Alcohol Policy and No Loaded Weapons During Show Hours

NEW!! Limited Run of N. GA Gun Show Shirts...L & XL  $15.    Front has N. GA Gun Show Logo plus AK47....Support Your 2nd Amendment Right!!