Next show....TOWNS COUNTY, GA  Oct. 21 & 22, 2017....Sat. 9A - 5P and Sun. 10A - 4P....BUY, SELL & TRADE format....100 tables of Guns, Knives, ammo & food will be available!       BEST venue in GA for a gun show...amazing view of Lake Chatuge and the mountains!!   Come on out....NEW Towns County Recreation Center  150 Foster Park Road...just down from Hwy 69 and across from Dollar General. We sign well.... 


WE DO WHAT WE SAY!!  WE DO GIVE GUNS AWAY AT EACH SHOW!!  BUY A TWO DAY TICKET OR BUY A RAFFLE TICKETS!!  2 WAYS TO WIN!!!  Pick the winner at 3PM on Sunday...winner can pick up at the show SUNDAY or a designated shop we agree on.  Thanks!

2015 Fall Blue Ridge Gun Winner....Mr. Joe!  Congrats!!!

The N. GA Gun Show format is:  BUY, SELL, SWAP & TRADE...bring your unloaded weapons to the show (check in at the door first, INCLUDES Concealed Carry too!) and sell or trade your knives and guns.  We follow BATF Gun Show Rules...KNOW YOUR RULES!!

We do things different at our Gun Shows...we give away door prizes about every hour...we have a food vendor for your dining pleasure and we are actually nice, gun loving people just like you.  Our shows are safe, clean and we welcome the whole family to the show. 

Nov. 7th, 2012  The day after this years election...Obama is (again) talking about the UN Small Arms Treaty...basically disarming America....WAKE UP AMERICA!!! April 3, 2013...Looks like the UNSAT went thru....now doesn't Conress have to ratify ALL treaties??  Well I am sure there will be an BHO executive order circumventing our legislative procedure....wait and see...

Above....WINNER of the Anglessey Knife at the 2015 Fall Blue Ridge Show!  He's a happy kid!! His grand dad was there cheering him on! Thanks to Russ & Becky for donating this nice knife!!!

We hope you take the time to visit one of our shows...we usually do a FALL & SPRING show in all the towns we have Gun Shows at....Thank You!

Gun Shows - 2012 Arms Show Calender    GREAT SOURCE FOR GUN SHOW INFO..........http://www.gunshowtrader.com                                  

Gun Shows - http://www.gunshowmonster.com

Gun Show & Classifieds - http://www.gunshowclassifieds.com

Gun Shows - http://www.GunShowTraderUSA.com Connecting Gun Show Buyers, Sellers and Traders for FREE!!

http://www.cherokeegunsnc.com        NEW Gun Store in Murphy, NC on the 4 lane!!

America's Favorite Auction Broker....www.ArmsWarehouse.com

Interested in Being a N. GA Gun Show Vendor? Seek the "Vendors Info" page or call 828.557.1543...

We pay finders fees for gun show venues in NEW GA cities....we are expanding our N. GA Gun Show territory...we LOVE secondary markets where the "Big Boys" don't go!!!  Please email with your ideas....we ALSO purchase existing shows...!  Thanks!!!

OBAMA: "I don't believe people should be able to own guns." Conversation spoken to gun rights advocate John Lott when Obama was a Senator in 2008.

Hope to see you at one of OUR SAFE shows...where OUR trained professionals pull all incoming guns out of their cases...but for God's sake people...PLEASE check your guns out yourself at home, BEFORE you bring them to the show! Included Concealed Carry!! NO LOADED WEAPONS!!