Next show....TOWNS COUNTY, GA  Oct. 21 & 22, 2017....Sat. 9A - 5P and Sun. 10A - 4P....BUY, SELL & TRADE format....100 tables of Guns, Knives, ammo & food will be available!       BEST venue in GA for a gun show...amazing view of Lake Chatuge and the mountains!!   Come on out....NEW Towns County Recreation Center  150 Foster Park Road...just down from Hwy 69 and across from Dollar General. We sign well.... 


Sept. 2 & 3, 2017 BLAIRSVILLE....1st show of the 2017 Fall season...great attendence...lotsa fun...Brian was back on the grill....great start!!


MAY 27 & 28, 2017    BLUE RIDGE...the last Spring show!!  What a great weekend!!   BBQ...guns....music and giveaways all weekend!!  We will C U Fannin County in December!!!

April 22 & 23, 2017  TOWNS COUNTY...great weekend at the BEST Gun Show venue in North GA!! Maybe even the whole state!!
April 1 & 2, 2017  GILMER COUNTY...was amazing!!   Lotsa folks came out....bought guns and had some fun!!!

Mar. 18 & 19, 2017 CLARKESVILLE the biggest NGA show...1 acre of guns!!!  Lots of fun....great BBQ....fun crowd!!

Mar. 4 & 5, 2017  BLAIRSVILLE was a great show!!  Great food, fellowship w fellow Gun Lovers....


Nov. 19 & 20, 2016 Towns County in Blue Ridge....100+ table show!  GREAT, record breaking show!!!  Thanks to ALL who attended!!! 

Nov. 5 & 6, 2016 - TOWNS COUNTY was the LAST SHOW B4 the election!!!! Great turnout....amazing show!  Def the BEST venue we do on the tour!!!

OCT. 22 & 23, 2016 - HABERSHAM COUNTY...was a crazy time!!  Long weekend...great show!  Lotsa happy residents stocking up!!

SEPT. 17 & 18, 2016 - GILMER COUNTY...was a blast!  Def the fly capital of GA!  Had lotsa fun...Gilmer County loves their apples and guns!!  Great weekend...lotsa giveaways and a AR15 was the Grand Prize!!!

SEPT. 3rd & 4th, 2016 UNION COUNTY, GA...Blairsville was a killer show!  We had lotsa fun!!  Lotsa ATL folks came out for guns & fun!  Gave an AR15 away on Sunday to Mr. Thompson of SC....he was happy!!!  Great start to the Fall Tour!!

May 28 & 29, 2016 FANNIN COUNTY, GA - Blue Ridge was a great Memorial Day weekend!!  Lots of Atlanta folk came out to the show!!  Guns were flying out the door all weekend!

May 14 & 15, 2016 TOWNS COUNTY, GA - Hiawassee was another amazing show in an amazing venue in Hiawassee!! Gave away an AR15 to a lucky winner!!

April 16 & 17, 2016  GILMER COUNTY - ELLIJAY, GA was a fun filled weekend!   Guns went out the door as the Gilmer County residents came out in droves!!! 

April 9 & 10, 2016 HABERSHAM COUNTY - CLARKESVILLE, GA we filled an acre building w guns, ammo, knives and more!  We gave away an AR15 on Sunday....and the crowd came out in record numbers!!!

March 5 & 6, 2016 UNION COUNTY - BLAIRSVILLE, GA was an amazing show!  People are waking up to what is happening in this once great country!! 


Jan. 6th, 2016....Obama's personal agenda happened yesterday....so does this change the Gun Show biz??  We will see....
Jan. 1, 2016.....here we go again!  It's the Prez's 4th quarter, last year in office (supposely)...let's screw w law abiding citizens rights once again!  Of course Congress is to busy picking their own noses and won't pass anything against US law abiding citizens....but wait...."I have a pen and a phone...and I will use it!" So watch for House Bill HR 4269 to become an executive action! Yup...entitled  "Assault Weapons Ban of
2015"....remember that is what AR stands for in AR15...(Assault Rifle) LOL!!! Well folks...gun shows and gun stores might be a thing of the past if the Big O has his way! Only time will tell....

Oct. 2, 2015....The Prez speaks again about Gun Control.  Hmmmm I think you could legislate one million gun control laws...and the bad guys will ALWAYS have the guns.  They don't follow the law!  The Prez didn't have ALL the facts when he ran his mouth!  Was the gun legally purchased??  Was it stolen??  What kind of gun??  The active shooter was asking if the victims were Christians?  Hmmm sound familiar??  Maybe a Muslim??  We will see....what I can see...is a reason to enact Executive Actions fo GUN CONTROL....it;s coming folks!!!


Nov. 21st & 22nd...FANNIN County...LAST SHOW FOR THE YEAR!  What a great way to end 2015!  We had alot of out of towners breeze thru...and guns were flying out da door!  Can't wait to come back in May 2016!! 

Nov. 14th & 15th....TOWNS COUNTY, Hiawassee GA...What a GREAT time in  GREAT venue...Towns County Rec. Center!! Lots of buyers and a few lookers. We had a GREAT time and we will be back!!  Thanks to all who attended.... And to Bill Kendell (County Comm.) for being a standup gentlemen and providing us w a 1st class facility!!

Oct. 24 - 25, 2015 ....HABERSHAM COUNTY....we always love to go to!  There is not a better group of gun lovers then this county!!  They gobbled up the vendors guns...and brought in for sale/trade some amazing guns ALL weekend!!  We WILL see you in the Springtime!!!

Oct. 10 - 11, 2015 ....WHITFIELD COUNTY....VARNELL, GA....we had a good time!  Real friendly folks over there! The Sheriff and Varnell Police had a good presence at the sgow...shopping of course!!  Billsco Sales was out in full force!!   A TN resident named Tom won the Ruger!!  We DO give a gun away EVERY show!!

Sept. 12 & 13, 2015  GILMER COUNTY...came out in droves...had a fun time as usual!!  Lotsa guns coming in and going out!!!

Sept. 6th & 7th, 2015  UNION COUNTY...was a GREAT time!!   Guns were being bought and sold!!!  Can't wait to get back in the Spring time!! 



TOWNS COUNTY - A show HAS been announced!!  We will be technically in Young Harris at the NEW Towns County Rec and Convention Center!  Amazing building!!  Can't wait to meet ALL the gun lovers in TOWNS County....way over due!! Make sure you all thank Bill Kendell....

***NEW!!*** GUN CLASS at BLAIRSVILLE & CLARKESVILLE!!  1PM to 3PM ...we will be offering a CONCEALED WEAPONS Class from a NRA instructor. In GA, it is not actually necessary but there is confusion within the laws on what you can do & can't do.
The class is entitled:  SHOOTING SECRETS AND LEGAL LIMITS. Covers: The Basics to Law & Shooting Fundamentals!! There will be a small nominal charge for this 2 plus hour class...but the information is invaluable in today's climate! 


March 7 - 8, 2015 - BLAIRSVILLE, GA   Union Cnty. came out in full force!!  Lotsa gun lovers there!!  ALL had a great time....and I am sure alot of the Union Cnty. crowd will make it out to Habersham Cnty!!! 

March 14 - 15, 2015 - CLARKESVILLE, GA  Habersham Cnty. showed their true colors and came out in full force and supported the show!!  Great turnout...lotsa guns went OUT the door!  Arming N GA is what we are ALL about!! 

April 11 - 12, 2015 Fun weekend in Elberton GA...Great venue at the Elberton County Fairgrounds...lotsa guns sold...lotsa giveaways too!!  We will be back in the Fall...tell your family & friends!!!

April 25 - 26, 2015  ELLIJAY, GA was a blast!  We love going into Gilmer County...a gun loving, toting county!!!   We will be back in the Fall time!!

MAY 9 - 10, 2015 RABUN COUNTY...we had a GREAT time with you!  Mothers, wives, girlfriends and even a transgender ALL got in FREE on Sunday for Mothers Day!! We don't discriminate!!

May 23 - 24, 2015  FANNIN COUNTY was a blast...gun lovers came out in hoards....gave another Ruger 10-22 away too!!  See U in the Fall Fannin!!!

July 2015....Well the flag is NOT lowered over the White House for the 5 military personal who were gunned down by a Muslim Extremeist..(the Prez can't say THOSE words!) Flag was lowered at White House for 8 blacks three weeks ago in SC...and of course his Commie buddy Nelson Mandella when he died! Nothing makes sense anymore....but in reality it does...as NOW he is starting to show his TRUE Muslim colors!!  Divide and Conquer....the MAIN goal!!

Jan. 2014...."I got a pen and a phone and I will use it..." BHO...Well folks the Prez speaks again Tuesday on the State of the Nation....should be interesting!!!  

June 9, 2014 ...well interesting was an understatement!  Let's see...you got a failing VA hospital system that has been killing our heros...but was platform in which Obama ran on and spoke about fixing 6 years ago!!   An Administration who just let the worst of the worst free from Gitmo....who WILL kill Americans again!!  That is just part of their internal belief system...Obama is simply a Muslim sympathizer (and a Muslim of course.)  And the supposed U.S. soldier (I am using that word lightly) who aided and abedded the enemy...give him back to the Tali!!  What about the "honorable" Marine stuck in Mexico Prez??  Innocent mistake...and he is paying thru his nose!!  If I was Prez...Mexico would have suffered consequences for their actions.  Like....sending all 20+ million ILLEGAL ALIENS back to them.  Wake up America...

SEPT. 26. 2014  Well work place violence happens again!  A fired worker takes the head off of an ex coworker with a knife while screaming, "Alah Akbar."  Sound familiar? Sure it does!!  ISIS is here whether physically or in spirit like this black Islamic dumb ass who was fired for trying to convert coworkers to Islam.  Well folks everything I need to know about Islam, I learned on September 11, 2001.  Wake up...get armed...know where your Islamic buddies live in your neighborhood....and don;t let your guard down!

OCT. 29, 2014  Elections are around the corner folks!  GET OUT AND VOTE!   Hmmmm  Let's see if Obama loses the Senate...U can bet your bottom dollar those executive orders will be flying off his desk!!  Gun control being the TOP of his list....!! 

FEB. 2015 In case you were sleeping..the Prez says, "ISIS is NOT Islamic..."  I wonder what the first "I" in ISIS does stand for then??  Incredible??  I'm confused!!  You can not keep putting lipstick on a damn pig and NOT calling it a pig!  It is what it is...a Islamic cult that wants to KILL YOU and ME!!  When HIS lips are moving...he's lying!!  He's one of them....

Gun Control is back on the Presidents plate!  He is talking again...the liberal Senators are pushing their HR 3018 Gun Violence...bill!  Then you got the EX mayor of NYC pushing his anti gun agenda across the nation...WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!   45 people were shot this past mid April weekend in Chicago....!!  Guess what they got???  The toughest gun laws in the country!! Working well for them isn't it??

North GA Gun Shows are safe, family oriented shows.  There are NO loaded weapons in the show buildings.  We feature some of the BEST GUN & KNIFE VENDORS in GA that bring: antique, modern, handguns, tactical, hunting guns plus some great custom and production knifemakers. GA FFL's, and alot of NON FFL vendors selling their collections! We pride ourselves in promoting a show that has a lil' entertainment value with giveaways and trivia questions.  We like to say that we are in Gun Show Entertainment Business.  We are serious about what we do...but we want you to have a good time while shopping for that much needed weapon! Why not give us a try!!!

YES FOLKS!  We actually DO give guns away at our shows!!  Sure you have to pass a FBI background check....but what do U want for FREE????

Sept. 16th, 2013 Well another shooting....another reason to whittle away at our rights!  Two weeks ago, Obama signed two executive orders that take away more of our gun rights as Americans.  Well little by little our rights get taken away....then one day you wake up and you will ask yourself, "What happened?"  Well wake up folks!  The Big O wrecking crew is NOT done with us bible thumping, gun owning people of the South!  A lot of states are giving into Liberal ways....but from what I hear....the South is not giving in! Helk, I heard they are organizing law enforcement officers in New York and preparing them to go door to door to take guns away from law abiding citizens! Try that here in the South...you will have blood shed! Wake up before it's too late!!!

April 16th. 2013 - Well folks....you heard it from the Prez last Summer!  "Al-Qaeda is on the run..."  Let's see....Sept 11, 2012...Benghazi, Libya - FOUR  Americans die...April 15th, 2013...Boston, MA....THREE Americans Die - almost two hundred wounded!!  We will bring them to justice!!  Sure you will...7 months later...not one arrest for the Benghazi murders!!  More broken promises...Oh....let's not forget the young girl in Afgahanstan who worked for the U.S. Consulate who recently died with FOUR other Americans!!!  Yep, they're on the run alright! We kill one...they spawn ten!  Let's be kind and not call them terrorists...or "jump to any conclusions!"  For God's sake!! OR should I say..."For Allah's sake...?" 

May 18th, 2013  It ain't over folks!  Sure, we won the first round and Obama literally cried when the House couldn't even pass a simple Gun Control Bill...and YOU better thank God for that!!  Alot of "fly paper regulations" were in THAT bill!  But now...the UN Small Arms Treaty is back and alive.  And of course you have Obama Care! Hmmmmmm....Obama Care?  Sure ever spent a weekend in a mental hospital, maybe cuz your had a nervous breakdown....or some family member stuck you in there to decompress.  Well...guess what?  You can't own a gun...and the illustrious, scandelous IRS will be looking over YOUR medical history! Someone will come a knocking on YOUR door...just ask the West Coast Liberals in California!  Consfiscation is ALREADY happening there!  Other states will adapt there way of thinking...and it will be a Dominoe effect.  Wake up America!!

VENDORS....Seek the Vendor Info Page on LEFT!! NEW FALL DATES ANNOUNCED!! Look at: Gun Show Dates Page!

WE DO WHAT WE SAY!!  WE DO GIVE GUNS AWAY AT EACH SHOW!!  BUY A TWO DAY TICKET OR BUY A RAFFLE TICKETS!!  2 WAYS TO WIN!!!  Pick the winner at 3PM on Sunday...winner can pick up at the show SUNDAY or a designated shop we agree on.  Thanks!

2015 Fall Blue Ridge Gun Winner....Mr. Joe!  Congrats!!!

The N. GA Gun Show format is:  BUY, SELL, SWAP & TRADE...bring your unloaded weapons to the show (check in at the door first, INCLUDES Concealed Carry too!) and sell or trade your knives and guns.  We follow BATF Gun Show Rules...KNOW YOUR RULES!!

We do things different at our Gun Shows...we give away door prizes about every hour...we have a food vendor for your dining pleasure and we are actually nice, gun loving people just like you.  Our shows are safe, clean and we welcome the whole family to the show. 

Nov. 7th, 2012  The day after this years election...Obama is (again) talking about the UN Small Arms Treaty...basically disarming America....WAKE UP AMERICA!!! April 3, 2013...Looks like the UNSAT went thru....now doesn't Conress have to ratify ALL treaties??  Well I am sure there will be an BHO executive order circumventing our legislative procedure....wait and see...

Above....WINNER of the Anglessey Knife at the 2015 Fall Blue Ridge Show!  He's a happy kid!! His grand dad was there cheering him on! Thanks to Russ & Becky for donating this nice knife!!!

We hope you take the time to visit one of our shows...we usually do a FALL & SPRING show in all the towns we have Gun Shows at....Thank You!

Gun Shows - 2012 Arms Show Calender    GREAT SOURCE FOR GUN SHOW INFO..........http://www.gunshowtrader.com                                  

Gun Shows - http://www.gunshowmonster.com

Gun Show & Classifieds - http://www.gunshowclassifieds.com

Gun Shows - http://www.GunShowTraderUSA.com Connecting Gun Show Buyers, Sellers and Traders for FREE!!

http://www.cherokeegunsnc.com        NEW Gun Store in Murphy, NC on the 4 lane!!

America's Favorite Auction Broker....www.ArmsWarehouse.com

Interested in Being a N. GA Gun Show Vendor? Seek the "Vendors Info" page or call 828.557.1543...

We pay finders fees for gun show venues in NEW GA cities....we are expanding our N. GA Gun Show territory...we LOVE secondary markets where the "Big Boys" don't go!!!  Please email with your ideas....we ALSO purchase existing shows...!  Thanks!!!

This picture says it all...FEMA Camps are here! Rumor has it......Andrews, NC is home to a FEMA Camp!!   This is how BHO will control the American people that "...Cling to their guns and Bibles!" When they come for your guns folks...give 'em bullets! Or this WILL be your NEW home...Be on the watch for UN Camps! Three we know of in the WNC/NGA area!! They are here folks!! Hmmmmmm....wonder what they are training for?? Blue Helmets make good good targets..remember they wear body armor....aim for the head!

OBAMA: "I don't believe people should be able to own guns." Conversation spoken to gun rights advocate John Lott when Obama was a Senator in 2008.

Jan. 20th, 2013...WHAT CAN I SAY?  Two years ago I printed bumper stickers & T-Shirts that said..."Obama Ain't Gett'n MY Guns."  Alot of people KNEW what I was saying, while others scoffed at me...including my ex boss who gave me my preverbial walking papers after 6 years of loyal service because of my views. This was something I knew deep inside was part of BHO's hidden agenda based on his "friends" he keeps near & dear with their anti gun philosphies.  Just follow history how Hitler did it.  Numerous casualties of Gun Control....close to 170 million souls worldwide in fact.  It's coming here folks...first is the registration to find WHO has the guns, then comes the confiscation.  When they come for your guns folks...give 'em bullets.  Wasn't that cute Obama had liitle boys and girls with him when he signed his 23 NEW gun controling executive orders??  Remember the Hitler pics with children...?  History is repeating! Wake up...!

Hope to see you at one of OUR SAFE shows...where OUR trained professionals pull all incoming guns out of their cases...but for God's sake people...PLEASE check your guns out yourself at home, BEFORE you bring them to the show! Included Concealed Carry!! NO LOADED WEAPONS!!